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Greetings from the CCCM Board. Another semester is upon us and we just wrapped up our first meeting of 2021. While many of the challenges that 2020 brought are not completely behind us, we look forward to this new year with hope. 

In August, the Board defined two collective goals for the year, and we shared these goals with you in September. In case you need a reminder, our two main goals are:

1. Building a Sustainable Model of Operation
2. Building Membership Engagement

We are pleased to say we are working to make them happen. Each of our meetings are structured to discuss aspects under each of these goals. We wanted to take this opportunity to update you on our progress.

Building a Sustainable Model of Operation

Our first goal of a Sustainable Operation Model encompasses work on our constitution as well as the financial aspect of our organization. Our work in this area continues to accept an organizational model that does not have a national coordinator, at least until that is feasible once again.

  • We have been reviewing our Constitution and By-Laws. We are ensuring compliance with the CRA as a not-for-profit organization as well as the needs of our organization. Our timeline is to have changes presented to our members in the spring and ratified at our next AGM.
  • We have met with DCG, the firm working on our fundraising efforts. As we are all aware, the pandemic has greatly affected our economy and many organizations have felt that. We are working on revising our fundraising package to best reflect the current circumstances of the world and CCCM.
  • We are monitoring our current funds. We have a few small investments that come due this year so we’re investing, and re-investing funds to ensure the future of our organization.

Building Membership Engagement
As always, there are good things coming for our members especially within our Global Connections and Evangelization & Discipleship Committees as well the CCSA Executive and our 2021 National Conference Hosts.

  • Global Connections Committee:
    • “Taste & See the Goodness of the Lord” a virtual, weekly event in May focusing on Food Sovereignty and Eucharist for students. Registration information will be sent soon.
  • Evangelization and Discipleship Committee 
    • “Social Media: 3 Strategies for Campus Ministers” is the next of the Ongoing Webinar Series. It is on Friday, February 5 at 1:00pm EDT on Zoom. Registration is required.
    • Campus Evangelization Summit – August 4-5. More details coming soon.
  • CCSA 
    • St. Thomas More College Campus Ministry hosted the National Canadian Catholic Students’ Association conference January 21-24. Students from Calgary to Cape Breton were able to connect virtually for this first ever on-line CCSA conference. Participants’ comments were positive, and it was apparent that “Heart speaks to Heart” even when we can’t gather in person.
  • CCCM 2021 National Conference 
    • Mark your calendar for June 23 & 24! This year’s conference theme is We Walk by Faith – Accompaniment in Campus Ministry. It will be a hybrid of in-person (if possible) and virtual, hosted by Kings University College in London, Ontario. More information will be coming soon.

We have updated our Canadian Campus Ministry directory. The PDF file is available online and in it, you can find information about CCCM, Campus Ministries across the country, and information from our partners and advertisers. If there are changes to your information, please contact us and we will continue to update the information.

Speaking of our partners, we are thrilled to share this information from our partners at The National Association of Vocation and Formation Directors. They are inviting one representative from each college/university across Canada to attend our upcoming virtual conference ‘Calling to New Horizons‘ as their guests at no charge. The event is being held April 26, 27 and 28, 2021. If you would like more information, please contact us and we will get you the details!

Our prayers are with you as you begin this semester. If you have anything that you would like to bring to our attention, please feel free to reach out to one of us individually or to boardcccm@gmail.com.

Together in Christ,
Chrisandra Skipper and the 2020-2021 CCCM Board