Scarboro pic.Lay missioners — men, women and married couples — endeavour to integrate their faith with the reality of the world, by living the Gospel of Jesus among other peoples and cultures. They wish to discover and reverence God already present in the lives of ordinary people, wherever they go. Witnessing their faith through lives of love, justice and service, lay missioners feel called to use their gifts and talents humbly and earnestly.

Called to be prophetic like Christ, lay missioners strive to seek truth and offer solidarity in word and action in the midst of the weak and poor. They desire to form relationships, which are equal, trusting, affirming and respectful, hopeful in building a sense of self-worth and dignity in the people they are accompanying. Christ is then transmitted by the very fibre of their lives.

One distinctive role of mission is participating with the local people, priests and sisters in building a vibrant Christian community. Lay missioners offer a variety of unique gifts, witnessing God’s love for all, within the Christian community and beyond. The focus of mission is unity of all peoples—one family in God. Lay missioners share joyfully and enthusiastically in serving the Reign of God.

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