Quebec Flag From May 18th to 25th, the National Coordinator made a trip through Quebec visiting the Campus Ministers at: Montreal Newman Center, Concordia University, Université du Québec à Montréal, Université Trois-Rivières and Université Laval. The purpose of the visit was to become more familiar with the campus ministry situation in Québec and try to nurture greater bonds of collaboration between CCCM and our francophone partners in Québec.

Throughout most of the trip, the National Coordinator was extremely lucky to have had the hospitality and guidance of Ptre. Georges Croteau, s.g. As a result of this trip, the National Coordinator, in partnership with Ptre. Georges, are planning to organize a day encounter at Trois-Rivières amongst the francophone campus ministers in early October. This will provide francophone campus ministers the opportunity to build relationships amongst them-selves and discuss the situation of campus ministry within the social and cultural context of Québec. More information will soon follow, stay tuned!