Nurturing the Spirit of Campus Ministry in the Year of Faith will be the theme of our CCCM National Conference to be held at Campion College at the University of Regina in May.  New Campus Ministers Institute will be held May 21 and 22nd and the main conference will begin May 22nd and last until Sunday, May 26th.

Dr. Michael Duggan will present on Catholic Consciousness in an Evolving Universe.  Through his sessions and Sherlock lecture, we will explore how Vatican II and the post-Vatican II heritage encourage the unfolding of theologies and spiritualities that are adequate to the 21st century.  We shall focus on the “new humanism”.  At the core of this humanism are an appreciation of the inviolability of personal conscience, an incarnational Christology that concentrates on the historical Jesus of Nazareth, and a call to community that is inherent in every human being.  Furthermore, we shall contemplate the commitment to social justice as central to discipleship.

Our deliberations will unfold an appreciation of “Catholicism” as a commitment to the whole human experience embodied in the full diversity of cultures and religious traditions of humankind.  We shall draw upon the works of Ilia Delio OFM and John Haughey, S.J., that invite educators to appreciate Catholic practice as “whole-making” both within each person and in the development of the human community.

Fr. Ben Fiore, SJ and Stephanie Molloy will lead us through an Ignatian Reflection on the Care of the Person.

We will hold our annual general meeting which will include news of the association, elections and resolutions.  As well, we will recognize campus ministers for their years of service (5, 10, 15, 20 years) and campus ministers who have met the professional standards.

As well, there will be time to share strategies we each use on campus to care for our students (mind, body and spirit) and to develop web-based ways to stay in touch, share resources and support each other throughout the year using our new website.

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