A Snapshot of Campus Ministry in Canada

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The Canadian Catholic Campus Ministry (CCCM) releases its first ever Status Report on Catholic Campus Ministry in Canada. Universities are recognized as producing leaders of our society. During this time when young people are forming their adult identities and values, academic studies and campus life can feel far removed from their faith, or at worse their faith can feel under attack. Campus Ministry provides an essential home for faith on campus where students can develop into bright, just, mature and inspiring faith filled leaders.
What is the face of Catholic Campus Ministry? On what campuses, is there a Catholic campus ministry program? What campuses lack campus ministry? Who is doing it? What training do they have? Who is funding it? The answers to these crucial questions and more, is now available in this colourful, informative and engaging 2011 status report.

To find our more information from this ground breaking survey, Status Report – 2011click here for the full report (PDF).

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